Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tracy bartley



I am a Canadian prairie girl living in suburban Los Angeles with my husband, and our 2 girls(ages 8 and 5).

I am working to embrace the wonder that is SoCal (Southern California) - living seasonally in a place that appears to only have two seasons (warm and hot); growing a thriving edibles garden in February; escaping from the heat in July. We try to spend as much time as we can out of doors - whether hiking the Santa Monica Mountains, camping at one of the state beaches, or simply working in the garden in our yard, or at the community garden we are developing at our neighbourhood elementary school. We are backyard chicken-keepers and Farmer's Market junkies. We love our Mundo SUB.

I worry (a lot) about the constant bombardment of commercialism in our girls’ lives and try to protect them from that as much as possible. I want them to walk (in a city where everyone drives); to know from where, and from whom, what we consume comes from; to be barefoot as much as possible; to know that being rich has nothing to do with how much "stuff" you have or how big your house is; to cherish the hand in hand-made; and to love our planet. In turn, I try and see the wonderment that is life through their eyes. It gives me hope.

When I am not digging in the dirt looking for bugs with my bugs, I manage an artist's estate. I am a great believer in public eduction and the power of community. And I am trying to build a stronger bond with my sewing machine.

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