Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fawn pea



I used to start out this sort of thing by saying what I did for a job. Now the first thing I say is that I'm a mom. My daughter was born in 2009, and suddenly I am so much more invested in our future on this planet (and I thought I was an enviro before!).

For a job, I run a small environmental health organization.

I live in North Carolina (usa) with my partner and our cat and the aforementioned daughter. We are both very active in a few community organizations (he does water, I do food), and we have a vegetable and flower garden where we try to grow tasty and/or beautiful things. I love to ride my bike around town, hike in the southern appalachians, and as much as I'd like to keep up with all the cool environmental and political books that everyone else is reading, I am a passionate fiction reader with no time left over to read about reality.

My main crafty thing is knitting. I just love to knit, and I try to focus on using recycled and/or sustainably-produced yarns & materials. I design clothes for kids & babies, accessories for grown-ups, and felted creatures for all ages. Please help yourself to my free knitting patterns.

I've been a Sew Green contributor since 2007, and I mainly write about toxic chemicals, food, environmental health, babies and of course, green craftiness.

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