Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kerstin (shash) Svendsen

Graphic Designer/Crafter

Since we started Sew Green in 2007, I've been swept up, along with so many of you, into the sustainable agriculture/food movement that seems to have really taken off since Omnivore's Dilemma came out. This movement is closely linked with the environmental movement, and I think it is easily accessible—we can all change what we eat and our relationship with our food, and we can notice the impact of those changes in our own lives and in our communities/land.

Right now, I'm working on compiling and designing an anthology of writing and artwork related to sustainable agriculture. (More on that when it's finished!)

My posts here are usually about the books I read related to agriculture, food, nature. (Send me recommendations!) Lately my main sources of inspiration and information for food and environmental matters are Wendell Berry and Civil Eats.

I'd like to learn more about greening graphic design, community gardening, homesteading activities, farming, ecology and global environmental issues (climate change, water rights, seed saving, alternative energy, e-waste, exploitation of people and natural resources in "developing" countries by multinational corporations and governments).

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