Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hayley Miller

I am a single mother living the beautiful urban city of Long Beach, California. I run a small museum store and am completing my degree in nonprofit business management. I am a firm believer in charity, supporting your neighbours and think the greenest option is to give, instead of receive. As a retailer I practice supporting local artisans, fair trade, and eco-conscious materials. My goal is to teach my daughter the joy of giving, the pride of conscientious consumption and that moments are better than stuff.

Even as someone who works full-time, with a toddler, on tight budget, I hope to show that living green can be done economically and without a lot of free time. That supporting charities and volunteering is completely possible and that living sustainably is an option. I started with small changes, and as my knowledge grows, continue to add more & more eco changes to my repertoire. Eco-conscious things that will be intuitive to my daughter.

I have been a contributor to Sew Green since 2007 and have enjoyed expanding my green education and learning from our awesome group of thoughtful contributors.



  1. Hayley - Not sure how else to contact you but wanted to give you a head's up that we used your deodorant recipe post in's GREEN section:

    Also, I'm from Long Beach too! Now live in Denver but always have the LBC in my heart.

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