Saturday, February 13, 2010

Julie White

That's a picture of me on my 45th birthday, completing a bike ride of 45 miles. 45 was somewhat of a turning point for me, and I chronicled my preparation for the bike ride at RocBike, a bike culture blog where I still sometimes post. I also set a goal to complete 45 handmade objects, which I wrote about at My 45th Year.

These days, I post at HandCraftedLife and can be found on Ravelry,

My hope is that through these varous outlets, I can share lessons learned and struggles still in process as I attempt to live as sustainably as possible. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times to live by my principles and integrate them into a life that includes full-time work as a community college educator, parent of two young adults, partner to the love of my life, and graduate work towards a Ph.D. in education. Fortunately I am surrounded by a rich and supportive community of family and friends who share my values! I hope that sew green will help expand that community!

I live in the mid-size city of Rochester, New York, close enough to work and school to bike/walk/bus most places, although I confess it can be a challenge in the winter. I also knit, sew (a little), garden and grow some of my own food, keep chickens,and can/dry/preserve food for the winter.

I am excited to being a part of sew green and can't wait to get to know you all better!

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